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Friday Night In.

Pretty mellow day, worked at the hospital for a few hours, napped, made dinner for me and my fellow, attempted to earn my puppy, which I have learned playing the xbox makes me very nauseas and this puppy maybe coming way later than sooner :( I am still determined though to prove my husband wrong. 

Day 4- What’s the best vacation you have ever gone on?

This one is a toss up between the summer of 2007 when I stayed in North Carolina for two weeks visiting a close friend.  I met some pretty amazing people that I know will be life long friends. I get to see them maybe twice a year if I am lucky, and this year I have been.  They attended my wedding and I was able to see them while I was on tour with my husband. Life is funny and so sweet at times, that point in my life I had no real direction besides going out and trying to figure out who exactly I was.  Meeting those people in NC and spending time getting to know them on the beach will be memories I will never forget and I am so thankful to be able to call these people my friends even though we live more than 5 hours apart they will always be on my mind. 

us then:

& us now:

The other would be ringing in the New Year (2009) in Vegas with my husband, before he was my husband.  It was the first trip he and I have ever taken together besides me going on tour with the band.  We were so excited to get away as well as to celebrate new years eve and his birthday, which is new years day.  Our trip was amazing, besides the food poising that I had hours before we were about to leave that almost made us miss our flight home. I think there is always something special about the first trip you take with the one you love, I will absolutely never forget how much fun we had in just one another’s company.  He is my best friend and I think that this trip really showed me that he was the one I couldn’t live without.  

fun fact: Since my husband and I have been together we have made our own little tradition to spend new years eve in a new city every year & we have! It is really hard to plan anything with him being in a band, you never whats going to come up shows or tour wise.  But luckily we can guarantee having christmas and new years available which is nice since he is a new years baby. We have welcomed the past four new years in St. Louis, Las Vegas, Chicago & Key West. Im hoping next year will be Portland! 


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